Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My spa day

The last time I went to spa was a few weeks before I got engaged last year. That was after my mom's long lecture on how a woman should take a good care of their beauty. I love spa but I hate when people massage my body while I half naked. I kid you not, I almost kicked one of the stuff at the spa center for trying to massage my legs last year. This time I had volunteered myself to go there again without the long beauty lecture from my mom since now I can choose not to go to full body massage but mandi lulur instead. You see, the spa is a zen bali-ish spa, hence mandi lulur instead of 'bath scrub'. heh. At the spa I was brought to a room for a foot massage. There was this one aunty around my mom's age inside the room. When I was about to close my eyes and hold my legs from accidentally kicking the masseuse, she tried to have a small talk with me. She told me she just got back from Jakarta and she was so impressed how Indonesians take care of their beauty. Spas in Jakarta are always fully booked and all the women there love to groom from head to toe . Teenagers as young as 15 year-old drink jamu to keep them gorgeous and slim.  I just nodded while trying to close my eyes and enjoyed the soothing music.
She added, their everyday make up is our bridal make up and she thinks Malaysians should be like that too. -.-' . I just kept smiling because I, myself hate make up . Heck, I don't even own a lipstick. I do admit taking care of our beauty is very important but not to some extent I have to change my face into a canvas and put so many colors on it every single day. Plus, it is not really solat-friendly as I need to wipe them off everytime I want to pray. Emm.. now I know why I always look so dull. ahah. I do adore those people who put extra effort and always look good with make up at the same time still manage to jaga their solat.
Well, for me, true beauty is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but also good personality and intelligence.  Bad personality can accentuate the first glance beauty, no?

Anyway, going to spa and facial once a while won't hurt, I guess. ( I love it now and just booked another appointment before going back to Dublin.heeee)

Muka tahan geli.

p.s : dear future husband, please include spa and facial as your nafkah to me. Thank you..


Anonymous said...

weh tak ajak pun. :( I'm in KL now. Let's meet up. Me going back to paris next week.


NA said...

babe, it's really hard to reach you. so annoying. no fb, no twitter, no phone no. who are you? CIA agent or something? heh.

Anonymous said...

hahahah.boleh je whatsapp i. i'm using my paris number. hey, i dun have your number jgk la.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, my mom says, she agrees with that aunty. indonesian women (jakarta) are always well-groomed.

NA said...

you make you mom read my blog?

hoboken spa said...

Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting

Lilia Valle said...

While a touch of makeup does help in highlighting your features, I also don’t bother with it everyday, unless there’s an occasion we’re celebrating later in the day. As for spas, I wouldn’t go as far as going every week, but a relaxing session every month or so really helps release stress from work and other worries.