Friday, August 23, 2013

Coffee withdrawal

I used to take coffee every morning as much as I admit I'm a morning person. I love having coffee at any nice cafes with my friends and a slice of victoria sandwich with it would be perfect but believe it or not I never like its taste on my toungue.I love cafes more than coffee. heh.I just need the caffeine and a good catch up with friends at any coffee shops and of course it works as the eyes opener. So, if I'm not going to hospital, no friends to hang out and nothing to study ( which is impossible in Dublin), I would rather not take coffee at all. My hate-love relationship with coffee is so complicated. Since I started my summer holiday, I only took coffee less than 4 times. Man, the withdrawal effects are crayyyyyzy. My sister asked me to drink fresh fruit juice instead of caffeine everytime the 'coffee satan' try to possess me. It's good for our health and skin too. The withdrawal effects are still there but it's getting better  until yesterday. I was so stressed with my wedding preparation and I cheated by drinking one cup of ice blended mocha ( I blended it using my juice maker. What a felony!). You see, I have to plan it now since I'm not going to be in Malaysia for the next 10 months and only come back a few weeks before the wedding. Being a good procrastinator, I just started to contact wedding planner last week and oh boy, wedding is a serious business! Now, the workload is piling up and just like that I took coffee again yesterday. When I woke up this morning, I felt awful and hello,withdrawal effects! Damn. Do you know caffeine withdrawal now is considered as a mental illness? Yesh, a mental illness. Whatever.

I should be packing now. I have a flight to catch in a few hours. I'm going to KL to settle a few wedding things. I used to be excited but all I'm feeling now>>> nauseous!

Can't wait for my little getaway to Penang  on Merdeka Day, though. 

Wedding. It's starting to take its toll on me. 


Leng Chai said...

apa feeling dia? apa yang ko rasa bila caffeine satan datang?
oh btw congrats

NA said...

Headache, mood swing, lethargy and etc. btw, thanks mau.