Monday, July 15, 2013

Pee Mak

I always think twice to watch any movies in cinema when I'm in Dublin. 7 euro per ticket, boy, it's almost 28 ringgit for a single movie ticket. I know it's kinda stupid to convert euro to myr but hey, in Malaysia you can watch the same movie with MYR 10. Fine. It is stupid to think that way but I can't help it. Plus, you can get a nice top from Primark with 7 euro. It is just another way of saying 'I'm too busy with my study life and don't have time to watch movie' in a non-nerdy way, I guess. -.-'
 I recently watched a rom-com, horror, Thai movie called Pee Mak. My fiance tried to convince me to watch War World Z with Brad Pitt in it who managed to look handsome even after fighting zombies like crazy which I find it pretty annoying. Just like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai who always looks so pretty. I'm just not into pretty boys who pretend to be macho in action movies. Don't get me wrong I love Brad Pitt. Plus,why should I watch zombies when I, myself look like one of those zombies in The Walking Dead after 13 hours flight from Dublin? Woman always win so yeah we watched Pee Mak. My fiance said this to me once we got the ticket.
"If I don't laugh later, you have to pay me back."

Anyway, it's quite impressive how they mesh the horror and romantic comedy  genres in a movie. They use the story of NangNak ( a Thai tale of horror)  as the base of the horror part while the buffoonery of Nak's four best friends are the core of comedy. Every scene in the movie is so damn funny. Everyfrigginbody were laughing and guess who laughed like nofriggingbody business from the very first scene? The guy who sat next to me whom I sometimes call him my fiance. Puiii.

Just look at their hairstyle! There's a story behind their hairstyle and it is so hilarious.

Pretty ghost. Why does pontianak always pretty?

Some of the jokes somehow quite slapstick and  scatological . Overall it was a good movie and the most important thing, I didn't have to pay for the movie ticket. 

 A deal is a deal!

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