Monday, July 8, 2013

Home is people not a place.

Oh hello, blog! 
I'm finally home. Home, the nicest word there is.
I wake up to delicious breakfast prepared by my mom and what-do-you-want-to-eat-today question is the question I have to answer every morning with a big smile.
 Oh, not to mention I can spend my dad's money on food, electric,internet, Astro, online shopping and hotel's food (just recently. Sorry abah if you got a lot of iced mocha and  in your hotel's bill. heeee). 
 Ahhh so good to be home after so many things in Dublin and man, my journey home this time was  not easy. My experience at Frankfurt airport was such a pain in the butt. Argh but luckily I touched down at KLIA to  my man with this in his hands :

I'm not a big fan of flight's food. So, 13 hours journey without food can create a monster. I gave a hint to en.wonderwall,

"Well, honey, it was 13 hours journey and  I can't eat these roses, you know."
"I know. They are so pretty,right."
"They are pretty but I can't eat them."
"Of course you can't. We can't eat flowers."
"I'm hungry, for God's sake."


The first food for the 'monster' after 13 hours was nasi lemak. We have our own favorite place to eat nasi lemak. People in Shah Alam should know this place, Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang. So, we drove ...I mean he drove all the way to Shah Alam to get that monster nasi lemak. Well, nasi lemak and paru goreng finally made a monster a human again.

Now, I can smell my mom's bubur jagung. Ah, the smell of home. Night, good people! 

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ingatkan dah tak nak update dah.