Saturday, February 27, 2016

Labour story


I was 40 weeks 4 days. Got not signs of labour at all. It was CNY holiday and we spent the whole day at home, eating. 

"I made up my mind. I want to be induced tomorrow!" 


"But i heard it is more painful than the natural one." 

"Then, we'll wait." 

"No. Let's have our baby tomorrow." 

The idea of me having an induced labour had been a controversial topic between our family members. My mom tried to convince me to wait for the natural call since she, as usual, against anything artificial. Some of my friends even gave their  'advice' by suggesting that I should go for c-section because they thought I'm too small for a normal labour! I know, right! Almost unfriend these negative people. Anyway, when it comes to this kind of matter, based on my recent experience, you dont need to consult the whole village. Just do whatever you think that is the best for you and your baby. There are only two person that you should listen to, your husband and your obgyn. 


2:30 am 

Started to have regular contractions but the pain was still bearable. I started recording the time interval between contractions and how long each contraction last using the app that I downloaded in my still functioning 4s. After awhile the app asked me to go to hospital since the contraction became very close. Still not panic since the water was still intact and no blood yet. 

5:30 am 

Still could not sleep because the contractions were getting stronger. I told my husband and asked him to get ready.

7:40 am 

Still had appetite to eat my husband's tasty nasi goreng. He put lots of chillies because that is how I like my nasi goreng.  

8:00 am 

Put all the necessary stuff including my fav maternity pillow in the car and we headed to Columbia Hospital, Puchong. Why did I choose this hospital? Later I'll tell in different post, ok ? 

8:30 am 

Arrived at their A&E and was brought straight to labour room. CTG was on and they told me I was having quite strong contractions. Pheww this time was the real one. Not Braxton Hicks anymore. I was happy for awhile because I thought I can deliver naturally. No need to be induced. 

9:00 am

My obgyn came and did VE. Nobody warned me 'the exam' is painful! The doctor told me it was only 1cm. In my mind it was already 5-6cm. She told us that I need to be induced or else it is going to take another 2-3 days. It was more heartbreaking to hear that than knowing my ex was cheating with another girl. So without any hesitation, my husband just said yes. I was like dude, she is gonna put something up into my vjj ok not yours! Slow down but in 2 secs all I heard, ok prostin done. Oh well.

9:30 am 

I started to feel the effect of prostin. God, it was sooo painful. The contractions were so close to each other and man, they were strong. In the middle of the battle a nice lady came in and asked

"Madam, do you want chicken with mashed potato or fish with lemon grass soup for your lunch?" 

Seriously? I was in the middle of sakit beranak you asked me about food? Of course I said chicken. Heh. 

10:40 am 

2 midwives came to give me enema and suddenly I had the urge to pass motion. Then, they let me did it naturally. At least that one was natural, my husband told me. -.-' 
After that, I was in agony. Me vs contractions. 


The two nurses came in again and this time they did VE. I told them not to do the exam just because it's bloody painful. Both of them were telling me to go for csection if I could not stand the pain. Argh. I said, I'll wait for my doctor to do it. I could not remember but one of them did it eventually and told me that I was still 1cm dilated. I was crying like a baby because it was so painful I expected it to be dilated to 4cm at least. And again they told me to go for csection because they thought my pain treshold was very low and plus, they thought my progress was a bit slow. Well, diorang tak pernah beranak so tak tahu sakit beranak macam mana.My doctor never asked me to go for csection. Since I was not in my right mind because of the pain, I told my husband I want Csection. My husband asked me to ignore that thought but hey, no uterus no talking ok, mister. Then he asked the nurse to give me painkiller. The only option we had that time was pethidine. One shot was given. It did not really work for me! I still felt the pain as much as I did before the shot. I was begging my husband for csection until I dozed off and my husband left me for Dhuha prayer. 

12:30 pm

The doctor came and did the VE and again I cried like a baby. She said it was already 4cm! The nurses were wrong! Cepat je bukak. 4cm, the number I was waiting for. You are only allowed to have epidural once your cervix dilates to 4cm. I told my doctor I wanted epidural and she said yes straight away since I was already shivering in pain. 

2:30 pm 

The anaes came. The moment she stepped in I swear I saw an angel wearing scrub. She was my guardian angel since she had the happy drug. People keep saying to avoid epidural but believe me girlfriends, you know your own body. I admit I'm not good dealing with pain. For me, taking epidural was the right decision. After that, I was no longer in agony. I could read Quran and listened to my husband's jokes and laughed (not punching his face) again. 

5:30 pm 

The doctor came to do VE and this time I did not cry. Thanks to my bestfriend, happydural. She said my cervix was already dilated 7cm. It was quick. She expected me to deliver the baby around 7 to 8pm. I then continued chatting with two friendly midwives (not the one who asked me to go for csection) and read Quran. I felt so calm. 

6:30 pm

The midwives told me they will empty my bladder. I was like yeah, just do whatever you need to do, I dont feel anything down there. Then, one of the did VE and told me I was already 9cm. My husband was not around that time and I started to get panic until the midwife told me to keep calm and teach me the breathing technique. 

7:00 pm

The doctor came in and asked me one question, 
"Are you ready to push?" 
I said yes but in my mind, wait, what to push? I did not feel anything. I was on epidural, remember? One disadvantage, you dont know what and when to push if you are on epidural. I kept pushing until my body was shivering. I told them I needed sugar since my hands were shaking like crazy but then it was not because I was hypoglycaemic. It was due to the great pain and stress on my body. The pain that I could not feel. Ya, sakit beranak tu 1/3 daripada mati. Be nice to your mother! 


Suddenly, baby's heart beat dropped. I cried and my doctor decided to use vacuum. Masa tu dah redha asal anak selamat je. I did not think the pain I have to go through once the epidural effect gone. 

7:41 pm 

We heard our baby's cry. The most beautiful sound in the world (that time but not now, Zara). The doctor put her on my  chest for skin to skin time. My husband cried a bucket. Then, they took her away from us for as the paed's team needed to check on her breathing. They told us not to worry but obviously I was super worried. 


My obgyn started doing her 'artwork' on my wohoaha. Assisted vaginal delivery did the whole lot of damage downthere. Again, be nice to mommy, Zara. Up to this very moment, as Im writing this, I'm still traumatized with my first labour experience. 4 children? One is enough la, sayang eh? 

9:00 pm

I could feel my left leg but not my right leg. My baby was still in nursery. We were waiting for her in the room and I started crying again. Risau wehhhh! Then the nurse came in, 

"Madam, your baby is here. She is so hungry." 

She was so adorable with her pink receiving blanket and I was told her weight was 3.46kg! The nurse looked ay me and said

"I did not expect her mom is this small."

Alhamdulillah. At least it was a normal delivery eventhough we underestimated her weight. Hahaha

This was the first photo her daddy took. Fresh from the oven! 

After I fed her for the first time. She has a very good sucking reflex even her paediatrician was very surprised. 

Her first bath at home. She loves water so much. Bath time with her Tokmi is her favourite.

Everyone told us she has thick and black hairs. Asyik kena gomol dengan daddy je.

You are a very classy sleeper, Zara.

We decided to shave her head, I mean our parents told us to. T_T My baby girl dah botak.

At first, everyone thought she has chubby cheeks and sepet eyes after her daddy. Semua tertipu. She got my mom's hazel eyes. Haha and they were not sepet ok!  Oh she is still all the way daddy's girl. So manja with her daddy.

That was my labour experience. Painful but it was a beautiful pain. 

Dear Zara Sofea, 
If one day you read this, I want you to know it was very painful to bring you into this world. So, please buy me all those nice Chanel shoes and handbags. I'm kidding. We love you soooo much. Regardless what people say about me having you at the start of my career, I still think having you in my life right now is the best decision I ever made. We might be clueless as new parents but we will do anything to ensure you will grow up as a great person. Listen to mommy ok?! 

Ps: excuse any spelling errors since I write this while breastfeeding Zara Sofea. Argh breast feeding, that is another tragic story. Till then!