Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The last hurdle

We learn our bum off in medical school to fight off death for other people but not even one lesson on how to go on living our own lives.

I'm in my medical rotation. I did tell you how much I love surgery but did i tell you how much I hate medicine??? Well, I hate it. I miss surgery. I miss being in OT. I miss being around the most cynical people in the hospital ( I mean, surgeons). You might find this gross, but I miss stoma ( google it if you dont know, you lazy bum), those gross looking scars and i miss puting my hands inside human body. Okay that sounds sooo wrong, I mean if the surgeons allow me to scrub in. Anyhow, I have finals in another 2 weeks. Please please please pray for me.  If you know me, I might already bothered you through text or phonecalls asking to pray for me.heh. 

P.s: I'm this close (i wish you can see my finger now) to have mental breakdown. T_T I hate you exam. I just wanna get over medical school!!!!!!! Doakan, pretty please.

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