Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The fault in our raya.

"you really don't like people, don't you?"

The conversation or rather argument I had with my mum on the second day of raya this year.

It took 24 years for my parents to realise that i'm not good socialising with people. Raya is not my thing. Don't mention about open houses. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why do I hate people so much? Well, 'hate' is a strong word. It is not that I hate people in a mean way, it is just that I keep thinking how I should react when I meet people who I barely know, you know those people you only meet during festive season.  What if people don't like me? (well, it is fair enough) or what if I do something stupid and embarrass myself? Do I have Asperger's syndrome? Or is it social phobia? I don't know. I always tell my friends that mothers usually don't like me. No mothers want me to marry theirs sons. hahaha. Put the joke aside, I'm getting married and I think I'm gonna 'die'. I don't like all the 'fun' stuff that a bride should do like being in 3 layered dress, getting make up done and socialising with only-god-knows-who-these-people-are. I'm sooo gonna die.

"hate people?"
"hate people.

Maybe 'hate people' can be our 'always'.

-the fault in our social life-

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