Tuesday, May 21, 2013

just because it's very cheap...

You don't judge a gift that someone gave you based on its monetary value and take it for granted just because it is cheap for you.
Someone put so much effort and give her whole heart to give you that 'cheap thing'.
If you don't want other people to see you wearing that 'cheap thing, well, at least keep it safely.

She worked her ass off  so that she could afford that 'cheap thing'.

The 'cheap thing' that she got you symbolizes her trust and love.
 You lose it, you'll lose her trust and love.

She's still keeping a tissue for her birthday 2 years ago in her wallet and bring it everywhere.  
Yes, a piece of tissue!
A piece of tissue and that is the most 'expensive' tissue ever!

Told you, she's a very sentimental person...

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