Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i have 60-years-old feet.

"how old are you?"

"i'm 21."

"you are 21 but your feet are 60, young lady!"

"whatever doc. -.-' "

it's so weird when i got the same comment from my ex-roommate.

"kaki kau macam orang umur 60 tahun.sejuk je cramp.cramp je sejuk."

thick socks,walk less,wear boots. it's such a hassle.


another awkward moment ; when your mother can have a nice, long, 'futuristic', mom-and-son-in-law  chat with your boyfriend through phone but when you text her " hai mama! mama sihat?" and she ONLY replied "mama ok" .  and that's it. mom,seriously? 


p.s: racism is not good, people.not good. it's bad.toxic. damn!