Monday, April 17, 2017

Hello, again!

Oh wow it had been one year since the last time i wrote here. Well, life is pretty hectic but in a good way. What not to be thankful when I have a stable job, a place called home and most of all my little family. My last entry here was about my baby girl. Guess what, she is one now! Yes, Zara Sofea now is one year old. Jumping and running all the times. Time surely flies so fast like a Russian rocket, right? Oh yeah, I have been working as a doctor for one year too. Doctoring while mothering is one tough job, no kidding, guys! I still find it hard to leave my daughter everyday to go to work. It still makes me question my decision to be a doctor. 'I wan to quit' is my mantra every morning, seriously. Hahaha. Well, mommy needs money, shoes and handbag so being a stay at home mom is not an option for now. I mean...not until I get my full medical licensed. Anyway, I have a lot to write but not today. Maybe later. Maybe...

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